smART radIo acceSs with inTegration of user devices

The vision of the smART radIo acceSs with inTegration of user devices (ARTIST) project is a Beyond 5G (B5G) scenario where the User Equipment (UE) is exploited not only to satisfy the specific needs of the UE owner but also to augment the Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure as a distributed capability and as a source of network intelligence. In other words, we envision the idea of UEs taking a more active role in network service provisioning as one of the key pillars to ground future mobile network evolution, to the extent that the very notion of a cell will have to be rethought as UEs will be able to actively complement the RAN infrastructure. This constitutes a radical paradigm shift from UEs operating only as Network Service Consumers towards embracing UEs also as Network Service Providers. That is, utilizing UEs as an extended computing, storage and networking element of the B5G RAN infrastructure as well as a central element for the realization of end-to-end connected network intelligence.